Dan's Grooming Services
Dan's Grooming Services
Dan the Dog Groomer
Hopewell Junction, NY
(845) 489-3871
Big 'n Small We Groom 'em all
Bath & Nails
Shampoo and condition your dog's coat
using  all natural hypoallergenic
bath products and trim nails.

Bath, Nails & Clip
Shampoo and condition your dog's coat using
all natural hypoallergenic bath products.  Cut and style the dog's coat and trim nails.

Prices are based on dog's weight. Fees are guidelines. 
There may be an additional charge depending on the length and condition of your dog’s coat and their temperament. Prices include sales tax.

"Call Dan to request
a price list."

(I'm Proud to be an) American Dog” is written and performed by Kirk Olsen
Gift Certificates available upon request.